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This Week’s Zinger: Taking an hour off is easy, it's the putting it back on again that's the hard part.

Never before, in modern times, has the populace been so keenly aware of Bible prophecy concerning the end time. Books have been written, movies produced and television documentaries beamed into our living rooms on a regular basis. This Series, The First Resurrection, will attempt to clarify many misconceptions about the sequence of events associated with the end time.

The teachings of King Solomon are woven around the contrasting lifestyles of the wise and the foolish and the corresponding ramifications. This Series, Wise or Foolish, is a take on the man and his message.


This fascinating study series should especially encourage and empower our male students because it reveals how God has, time and time again, taken the lessor known man to accomplish great and mighty things to fulfill His divine plan. This Series, Lesser Known Men of the Bible from A to Z, brings these individuals to the forefront and explores the individual attributes they exercised in the work of God. The Series wraps with a comparison of Good Works and Dead Works.

Although the role of Women in Biblical history has not been widely acclaimed, their contributions have nevertheless been truly significant and vital to the development and growth of the Church as we know it. This Series, Women of the Bible, A-Z, explores some of the important contributions made by individual women and analyzes the personal attributes these women brought to bear on the success of their mission.

Wikipedia states: “The Devil is the title given to the supernatural being, who, in mainstream Christianity, Islam, and other religions, is believed to be a powerful, evil entity and the tempter of humankind...God and the Devil are usually portrayed as fighting over the souls of humans, with the Devil seeking to lure people away from God and into Sheol.” This Series, God’s Enemy, the Devil, explores this Biblical reality.

In mainstream Christianity, the Holy Spirit is one of the three divine persons of the Holy Trinity which make up the single substance of God; that is, the Spirit is considered to act in concert with and share an essential nature with God the Father and God the Son (Jesus). This series, The Holy Spirit Himself, strives to clarify many of the misconceptions surrounding the Holy Spirit’s role in Christian theology.

Planet Earth, God’s Recycling Project! If the title is indicative of the subject matter contained within this new series of lessons, the next several weeks of study will yield a preview of ecosystem management of monumental proportions!

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15. Diligent study (application of the mind to the acquisition of knowledge, as by reading, investigation, or reflection) is the key for compliance to this admonishment. This Series, Dividing the Word, guides us in that effort.

While the thought of floating around on fluffy white clouds and playing harps may sound heavenly, it is not the true reality of Heaven. Each of us has an inherent desire to know more about that wonderful place where we hope to spend eternity. This exciting Series, Heaven’s Reality, promises to give us a solid Biblical understanding of the whole concept of Heaven and life therein.

Most of us know that the word Millennial is an adjective describing a span of 1,000 years. This Series, Millennial Changes, answers many questions about this time frame including where, when and why.

We’ve all heard of the Millennial reign of Christ on Earth. But few of us have ever given serious thought to the reality of day-to-day living during this time and what role, if any, we can expect to play. Conditions in the Millennial on Planet Earth promises to be an exciting Series!

We now begin a new series on Bible Surprises. In this series we explored some of the lesser known areas of Scripture and how these vital elements pertained to us today.

Potpourri of Lessons:

Made in His Likeness is an exciting Series examining the distinctive qualities and attributes of man’s body, spirit, & soul.

Have you ever wondered about the extreme importantance of the work of God and why it is left in the hands of volunteers? This group of lessons, God, The Master Bookkeeper, lends insight into this soul-searching question.

This series, The Father and His Family, brings us to a better understanding and appreciation for the love of God toward His children and His desire for close family intimacy.

The recently completed series, The Amazing Heart of God, was an incredibly enriching experience for believers and non-believers alike.

Babylon, Then and Now provides historical significance and modern day ramifications of the Middle East region now known as IRAQ. See drop-down links below.

This must-read series, Basic Christian Concepts, contains six lessons applicable to the 21st century convert. Choose lessons from drop-down links below.

This Series (Session A & B) explores the Fundamental Concepts of Spirit, Soul and Body and how each relates to the makeup of the individual person.

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As a prerequisite to this series, Understanding Bible Basics, we suggest you take the self-administered quiz (select from drop-down links below) as a means of benchmarking your progess.

The final lesson on God’s Eternal Purpose is available here. Once you have completed the entire 15-lesson series we encourage you to take the self-administered quiz (select from drop-down links below). Your feedback is solicited as a means of improving future lessons.

A very informative Series about The New Testament Church can be accessed here. Choose from drop-down links below.

Lessons from the Ladies Bible Study Series, Practical Pointers From Proverbs, can be selected from the drop-down links below.

From here you can access individual lessons and reviews from the Church on the Rock series. Make your selection from the drop-down links below.

Individual lessons from the Mysteries of the Kingdom series are available here. Simply choose the desired lesson from the drop-down links below.